"He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who is seeking the glory of the One who sent Him, He is true, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.
Unlimited WIFI
Unlimited WIFI

Unlimited WIFI

Just that I left the packed cafe after sensing people standing and darted a piercing stare at my solo state in a corner; young baristas shared their excitement to go to Manchester for another bout of extended black Friday spree this weekend after doing weeks of overtime. Then a perfect spot in another cafe down in a basement: free drink claimed and accessible plug to resuscitate my dying phone. Wondered why such simple sentences kept repeating with still NO sense at all from the book I’ve long tasked to finish! Only to realise I was devotedly eavesdropping to the not-so-elderly group of people brainstorming strategically their campaign for the impending local election. Was expecting of the intellectual-political contest but I could hear myself sighed over the agreement of common respect and unity in certain locality. Someone must have left the adjacent toilet door open as I heard aggressive sound of the flushing drain that brought me into senses realizing am still on that page dog-eared by my frigid fingerrs…now for some fleeting unconsented twilight moment,these letters on the pages swimming like in a cyber pool and inflated like a balloon displayed by the wall formed into a glittery font: DECEMBER 11…Then popped…gone like the bubbles in the thin air., wait, it’s the rotating wheel of the WIFI connection disrupted my trance and voyaged me to the first ten words in Genesis about our Abba Father. IN THE BEGINNING (time) GOD CREATED HEAVENS (space) AND EARTH (matter).

December 11, my target wedding date…Manchester, any places to escape to…and campaign, an open puppetry show for man’s pride and prejudice. Outside these self-serving elements within that mini bubble I was in is the vastness of God’s mercy and grace.

The randomnity and spontaneity of this sheer God’s revelation humbled my natural depravity over Our Sovereign merciful Father who above and beyond the limited being of the universe. O Abba Father HOLY,HOLY, HOLY is Thy name. Praise and glorify Thee now and forever.


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