Stage and Pantomine
Stage and Pantomine

Stage and Pantomine

2016, Stage, Abed, CAPTIVE HEARTS, Three Way Production, Paul Bridger
2015, Stage, Writer/Director/Producer, CARNAL, 3CM Production, Sebastian Palka / Carlos Mapano
2015, Stage, Friar Lawrence, SYNOMATIC PRODUCTIONS, Synomatic Productions, Anna Daniels
2015, Stage, Paki (Hawaiian priest), THE LAST PRINCESS STANDING, Goldsmith University Theatre, Tim Vest
2014, Stage, Leon/Al/Ensemble, SBM, PAC, Lekan Lawal
2014, Stage, Jeff, SVG PRODUCTION, SVG, Serge Rashidi- Zakuani 2014, Pantomime, Lion, WIZARD OF OZ, Gary Starr Production, Gary Starr
2013, Stage, Fobby, THE VISIT, Theatre Collection, Nicolas Humphrey
2012, Stage, Vincent, 5 WIVES OF MAURICE PINDER, Wac Arts- Acting Dept., Martina Laird

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