IBVM5757I’ve never been to a squirting type of adventure…no not that sort of revolting experience.

Jet D’eau is one that made my mind revolted and exploded with such amazement. But one really caught my sanity was the ingenuity and the revolutionary brain of catering such industrial and infrastracture revolution that ended up at par with Eiffel Tower tourist gem.

I was supposed to like Monk once I’ve found my accomodation…and binggo!!…a litle issue with the direction from lost of translation with the host, …gee I must tell you that prio to the final booking I was having a thread online talk with the quite interesting AirBnB hostess, Nathalie (with the cat’s photo profile), quite duboous…I though I was the one the one with desperation…but gee whe beat me up to it…she texted with with long-lengthy texts and almost demanding…and yes…the desperation, she’s about to blame of cancelling her dinner with the friend. She’s manipulative and controlling and at the end there’s a pungent feeling of begging. gee I’ve broken off my Mr Nice type and honestly told her that I could no longer book her place. I was quite hesitant with the male-host and and must be the reason why I’ve initially responded very warmly to the former. The photos were not that as convincing as they really were. I am enjoying every bits of the place. Thanks.

Theologically, that was my mond frame theme. Jus t now due to the gnashing and literally frozen digits I have now. Then I found my 2nd church- Starbucks!!! and that that excitement inside to fill in that blank white page (electronically or traditionally {you know what I meant, right?}).
With ….yes hard work, I managed to photograph the reformers, SO FREEZING COLD ….yes , there’s a will there’s a way..and there’s a WALL! (REFORMATION WALL). Luther, Knox, Calvin….wait but the three men…actually 4! in the centre…SPA? and Calvin?…no!!!

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