About me
About me

About me

Multi-talented actor, singer, dancer, writer, director and cardiac nurse

Passionate actor as a product of his infinite imagination that continually voyages and spawned to that vacuumed truth. His birthplace in Philippines where dreams could hardly realised have nevertheless metamorphosed his stimulation and became a catalyst of authenticity and creativity that burgeoned into a professional level. Despite of his remarkable profession as a Registered Cardiac Nurse, his indelible affinity with story telling has spiralled himself into a professional singer (3 yr. musical theatre degree), choreographer-dancer, play-writing and directing. He often complimented with his uniqueness with great comic timing.


  1. G,Bern...

    Helping others is the greatest fulfilment in life, and supreme happiness consists 0f the conviction of an unbreakable faith in God.
    Carlos you are an amazing human being, free soul & spirit and a man of God.
    may the universe creator always bless you and your loves one.

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